Depression Wellness Coaching
          Depression is a difficult illness. By seeing a doctor and getting a diagnosis you've made an important first step toward your recovery.  Many people have a hard time accepting that they are depressed, they feel ashamed.  Depression is not something that you have brought on yourself it is not your fault and there is no shame in having depression.  It is an illness that needs to be treated, remember that you are not alone there are many people who suffer with depression .

We now have more effective treatments for depression than ever before.  Your Doctor will probably recommend antidepressants first.  The next step will be therapy and possible change of medication or addition of a new medication.  Depression is not a single cause single response illness, that is why some people respond to one treatment and others to a different treatment, there is no one right answer.  

  Depression is a multiple cause illness, we can think of these causes as risk factors for depression.  Most people have at least a few risk factors but never get depressed.  The more risk factors that are present the greater the likelihood that the person will experience depression. Think of your life as a scale, on one side is the positive factors and the other is the negative factors.  One way to avoid tipping the balance into depression or to tip it back away from depression,  is to reduce the negative factors and increase the positive factors.  Some things like a family history of depression cannot be changed but others can and they are within your control to change them.

Depression Wellness Coaching will teach you how to tip the scales away from depression and into a healthy happy life.  Your coach will keep you accountable and give you the motivation you need thru your journey to wellness.

Depression does not have to control your life, there are so many things to experience and enjoy that are just waiting for you. Call Depression Wellness Coaching for more information on how you can begin your journey to health and happiness.

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