Depression Wellness Coaching
After seeing your Doctor and going on or choosing not to go on antidepressents what do you do then?  Thats when Depression Wellness Coaching  (DWC) can help.

  • DWC will help you to make the lifestyle changes that need to be made in order for you to be successful at being and staying depression free
  • DWC will help you reconnect with friends, family and colleges that have been pushed away by your depression
  • DWC gives you information about depression and gets you thinking about your thinking.  How to change it and master your moods.
  • DWC teaches you how to reduce stress and its effects on your life.
  • DWC will give you the tools you need to help ward off future bouts of depression.  How to stop depression before it starts.
  • DWC can help family members to understand and help the depressed person

There are many things that you the depressed person, need to do in order to facilitate your own recovery.  With depression sapping your strength, motivation and will, it is extremely difficult to do this on your own.  A Depression Wellness Coach is there to navigate you through this process and see you into wellness.

The Triangle of Thoughts, Feelings and Behaviours

Thoughts, emotions and behaviour are powerfully connected to one another.  In fact, we can picture our personal lives
 (or our mental health) as a triangle. 
  After studying hard, but doing poorly on a test, you 
 think, “I’ll never succeed at anything,” which leads to 
 feeling bad about your abilities as a student feeling 
 hopeless about the future. 

  You feel hopeless about studying for the next exam, and 
 dwell on your sad feelings.  You then procrastinate 
 studying and don’t study hard, because you still feel so 
 discouraged about your last exam. 

  Your lack of studying for the next exam results in 
 another poor grade.  You think, “Here we go again.  I 
 don’t know why I even keep trying.  It’s useless.  I’m a 

A friend has to cancel their plans with you because they 
have a family obligation.  You feel disappointed, which 
prompts you to think, “Maybe they just made up that 
excuse because they don’t want to hang out with me.”

You begin to think badly of your friend and recall times 
in the past when you haven’t gotten along.  When your 
friend calls to make plans, you get even by telling them 
that you have other plans (when you really don’t). 

Your friend accepts your excuse and doesn’t appear to 
feel bad.  You spend the day alone and convince 
yourself that your friend is probably having more fun 
without you.  You feel lonely, sad, and disappointed. 
If one side of the Triangle changes the others will follow.  Everything is connected, if you change your thinking you will feel and act differently.  Change the way you do things and your thoughts and emotions will shift.  This is the key to Depression Wellness Coaching.

People cannot just snap out of being depressed and waiting for depression to simply pass can be harmful for a number of reasons.

  • Depression untreated may become more severe
  • The longer the delay in treatment the more difficult it may be to control
  • The more likely depression is to reoccur when treatment is stopped

There is also growing evidence that untreated depression can contribute to or worsen other medical problems.  Most people with depression never seek appropriate treatment and the consequences can be devastating: personal suffering, missed work, broken marriages, health problems and in the worst case, death.

Depression Wellness Coaching is mobile and will go where it is most beneficial and easily accessed by the depressed person be it their home, work place, or a location out in the community.  Confidentiality is priority one and information will not be shared with anyone without the concent of the client.